Walking for Water with Camino Jim- Day 11. On my way to Belorado


Day 11. On my way to Belorado

I must admit that as I began walking this morning I was completely unsure of what day it was. I talked myself into believing that it is Monday, Labor Day back home, but then quickly decide that it’s Tuesday but I’m not really sure of the date. Is it the 3rd or the 4th of September? That internal conflict takes me to the issue of what walking day is this? Is it the tenth day or is it the eleventh day of walking the Camino? Welcome to my already confused world.
There are a few things about today that I do know. First I’m walking to Belorado which is about 14 miles away from where I start today. Having made this trip twice before I do recall that the walk is in the open, very little shade and it’s going to be hot. The trip also brings back unavoidable memories of the trucks … lots and lots of trucks. The route today will be on a trail but it is also a trail which runs right next to the N 120 highway. The passing big rigs are non-stop in both directions. It’s not only hot and dusty, it’s noisy. Along today’s route there will be only one stop for anything. I walk past the only cafe and go directly to the vending machine, plop in my two Euro and order up a Gatorade. I still have 40 ounces of water with me so I will find a place to sit , take off the backpack and chug the Gatorade. Oh one more thing about the vending machine, for one additional euro I will get a half size snickers. The snickers will be lunch and must be consumed immediately to avoid melting. So how’s your day going?
The walk is boring. No other way to say it and it will end in a very boring little village dominated by truck traffic all day and all night. My bonus is that my hotel … the Hotel Jacobeo HR is located on the N120 highway and my room, 106 is in the front with a window overlooking the N120. All part of the journey. It’s okay because I’m so tired that I think I will be able to sleep through the truck noise. I hope so because tomorrow brings us back to one of the more difficult Camino challenges. Tomorrow’s walk will be 15 plus miles and there will be several climbs which will erase any memory of the past three days of less difficult terrain. One other factor, there is an increased chance of rain for the next three days.
I arrived in Belarado having only seen a very few other pilgrims today. I take care of the laundry and get a quick bite to eat which is a half a Boccadhio. As I stand at the bar eating my half sandwich there is an old guy standing right behind me, and he has been playing some kind of video game since I arrived, checked in, did my laundry, took a shower and now I’m back again and he has not stopped playing whatever it is he’s playing. This “restaurant”  is up for a Michelin Star review but it’s the tire company not the food people.
Good night , Buen Camino.
Day 11 data:
Miles 13.2
Steps today: 35,165
Total miles to date 140.2
Total steps to date: 393,502
Flights to date: 517
Donations to date: $31,640.40