About Our Founder

Golf Fore Africa was founded in early 2007 by LPGA Hall of Fame Golfer Betsy King following a 2006 trip with World Vision to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. Betsy took this trip with a prayer in her heart to hear God’s call in her life on what she could do to help the poor of Africa. After witnessing the terrible plight of poverty and HIV/AIDS and its devastating effects on the children of Africa, she came home with a burning passion to make a difference in these children’s lives and a vision to do so using her gifts and experience in golf. Betsy’s desire is to enlist golfers around the world to join the cause by linking her passion for golf to compassion for children.

Betsy chose to partner with World Vision, a world renowned non-profit organization already well-established in Africa.

In 2007 Golf Fore Africa raised $250,000 to help AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Mudasomwa, Rwanda—an area which was devastated by both the AIDS pandemic and the 1994 genocide.

The funds enabled the Mudasomwa development project in southern Rwanda to fund basic healthcare, school fees for children, agricultural support for families, micro loans for women and HIV Aids training and support for community healthcare workers.

In 2008 Golf Fore Africa was established as a 501(C)3 non-profit charity. Today Golf Fore Africa continues to partner with World Vision to fund various projects that bring help and hope to women and children in communities throughout Africa.