The most lasting experience on my trip to Zambia was the visit to Edith’s house. Edith is a 50-year-old grandmother living with HIV. She has lost all but one of her children. She is also raising her grandchildren and is doing so without access to clean water.



When we visited her home, one of her grandchildren was in bed sick and suffering with malaria. Her son works as a cattle herder for a measly $5 a month. This visit was by far the hardest family we saw. While it’s difficult to imagine, I am excited for Edith’s future. Once she completes the WASH program, she will have the opportunity to have a well which will completely change the lives of this family.



We then visited a village that has been given access to clean water. The pure joy these villagers have, knowing that clean water and sanitation is saving their lives, is incredible. To know that Edith and her family will one day be that happy makes all the hard work we do worth it. I hope and pray I will have the opportunity to visit Edith’s house once again to see how water can truly transform a village.