Walking for Water with Camino Jim- Day 21. When will the heat go away? On my way to Leon


Day 21. When will the heat go away? On my way to Leon

I have been in my room hoping to get a long night’s sleep. That idea started at 9:15 and it’s now 11:51. The heat is just relentless. The problem is directly related to the fact that all of these small villages are built like fortress’s where all of the buildings are attached, the streets very narrow and it’s nearly impossible to create any air flow which results in the actual temperature feeling much higher than it is. That’s just my unsophisticated opinion. Regardless it’s just hot. The sleep plan is out the window .. that’s the very small window which provides no help.
It’s Friday September 14th and I am now 13 days away from walking into the plaza at the cathedral of Santiago … just 13 more days. Today will be a short walk to Leon where hopefully I will be in a modern hotel which will have air conditioning. If the hotel I’m in does not I will find another which does. I just need a break from the room temperature. Walking in the heat and just sweating your butt off is fine but not being able to sleep after doing that is just a double whammy.
I leave at 9:10. It’s a nice day, sunny and currently the temperature is fine. Today will be about a 13 mile hike to Leon most of which will be along side the freeway on paved paths. At about the three mile point in today’s walk the Camino starts meandering through the industrial section on the outskirts of the city. It’s boring to say the least. I did take a few photos but until you reach the center of Leon it’s a waste of time. My actual mileage today is 14.7 and I stopped only once to sit and drink a Coke Zero. There are a few short hills but I just want to get it over with so I’m pushing it.
I check into my hotel and the first thing I do when I get to my room is test the air conditioning … it works! I set it to snow and get cleaned up. A quick lunch near the cathedral and then I search for a Camino shop but they are all closed. I need to replace my everyday walking shirt and the shorts. They have had enough and did a good job for 21 days. No rush I have two outfits to use and if I don’t find anything today I know where there is a good Camino shop in Astorga which will have what I want.
Like yesterday I have not seen anyone today. I’m in a different part of Leon than where most of the usual suspects are staying. In all probability I will not see any of them because I’m going back to my hotel to try to get a good nights sleep in a comfortable room. My late lunch eliminates any need for dinner. Tomorrow about 15 miles to Tio Pepe.
Good night, Buen Camino.
Miles today: 14.7
Miles to date: 272.5
Steps today: 37,759
Steps to date: 761,825
Flights to date: 623
Donations to date: $33,490.40