Hand Pump

A hand pump uses manpower to lift water from the aquifer to provide clean water to rural communities. Hand pumps allow water to be generated without electricity. Once drilled, we ensure the community has full ownership of the handpump and is equipped to maintain these water resources for long-term sustainability. We train a local committee and local artisans on the management and maintenance of the hand pump. This project brings clean water to 200-400 people on average.

Mechanized System

A mechanized system uses solar-power to pump water from the aquifer into a large storage tank. The water then travels through underground pipes to taps serving the community. The size of a mechanized system varies greatly, depending on the yield of the aquifer and needs of the community. One mechanized system could support one healthcare clinic with multiple taps within the clinic property, or a system could support an entire community, with pipes covering miles of ground and serving the community, a school and a healthcare clinic. This project brings clean water to approx. 1000 people on average.