Walking for Water with Camino Jim- Day 8. Viana to Navarette


Day 8. Viana to Navarette

First an explanation for why the last three days were only about an average of 12 to 13 miles. The most often followed guide suggests that from Los Arcos you walk 18 miles to Logrono and then on the next day you walk another 18 miles to Nijera. On my first Camino I met a three time Camino veteran who suggested that I add a day and create three 12 mile days instead of two 18 mile days. I took his advice and it works. Three days with less difficulty made sense then just as it does now.
That’s it for the blog. I have come to the conclusion that posting everyday is not all that meaningful so I will be creating my daily summary but I’m just not going to deal with a deadline. I will at some point post what I have been writing but I’m not sure when that will happen. For the five or so people reading this blog … just send me an email and I will do my best to update you. So from here on I will be sending photos along with the walks daily and to date data.
Here is the summary for day 8 and a to-date total.
Day 8:
Miles’s today: 13.3
Steps today: 35,946
Total miles to date: 101
Total steps to date: 289,977
Flights: 501
Good night, Buen Camino.