Walking for Water with Camino Jim- Day 15. On my way to Castrojeriz


Day 15. On my way to Castrojeriz

On the Camino by 9:00 today, perfect weather. I did not get much sleep, hoping it does not show up on today’s walk of about 13 miles. Day 15 will be much like yesterday, very little in the way of elevation change it’s just going to be hot because the entire route is in the sun. I did get the sunblock on but it’s too late … my calves are a new color of red. No pictures because it’s not pretty.
I see a number of familiar faces but none of those I have met. At about the six mile mark there is a small village, Hontanas which I’m guessing most everyone will use as a stopping point. As I reach the cafe at the bottom of the hill there are four pilgrims I recognize sitting at one of the tables, it’s Don, Candy, Gary and Margot. Note, I have been calling her Marjorie. My hearing is not very good but today I did hear it correctly.
I grab a Diet Coke which here is Coke Zero. We catch up on who has been seen and who is missing. A number of people have left the Camino in Burgos. Missing is Rambo. Tiny, Harpo and Caroline all who would have continued past Burgos. Gary tells us about three people he met a few days ago who were walking along the road route when they all had to jump from the road to avoid a car which nearly hit them all. One of the two women jumped into a ditch and tore a calf muscle and was taken to the hospital in Burgos. She is now on crutches and goes from village to village in a taxi each day as the other two she was with are going to complete the Camino. It can be dangerous near the road routes and the Spanish do like to drive fast.
I heard from Robin yesterday on her last day in Tahiti with Debbie. Tragically on their last snorkel dive one of the other people on the cruise had a heart attack while snorkeling and died. They all flew back yesterday with the widow and the deceased. It was their anniversary. Terrible story.
There is very little to this small village and we may meet for dinner. I’m tired and I may just eat something early and make it an early night. Updating just a few things: I am now down to one pair of sunglasses, I stepped on a pair today so they are gone, I left a shirt in the closet at the last hotel and all of my micro fiber towels have now disappeared. One more small disappearance … I got rid of the beard today. It was just not comfortable.
I’m in my room and there is zero air moving and the temperature in the room is very uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ll be getting a lot of sleep tonight. By the way yesterday was Day 14, I may have written 13 in error but it’s been corrected.

Good night, Buen Camino.

Miles today: 12
Miles to date: 185.5
Steps today: 32,930
Steps to date: 539,975
Total flights: 578