December 12, Continuing- Aimee Neff

Day 4

We packed quite a bit in today with it being our final day out in the field. Two more well dedications-Azahara Munoz and Friends, and Amy McGowan and Friends, visited one of the children Betsy sponsors, checked out a community that had a well put in a few years ago and how they go about business within the village, and lastly, visited a school with a mechanized well thanks to the LPGA from a few years back! 

The children at the school were fantastic-singing, dancing, speaking in poetry and teaching us how to have good hygiene and sanitation. To see a school with a mechanized well bring about such a drastic change to the lives of children and the community was night and day difference from the school we visited on our second day here. Clean water makes a HUGE difference! 


There are plenty of communities close to main roads that lack clean water, and even more in the rural areas. Getting to the rural areas means lots of bumps giving us what the locals call a free African massage. Make no mistake, Zambia is a beautiful country, full of hope and untapped potential. All of us on the trip have remarked at the thankfulness of each village, yet they each have asked us to continue helping their fellow Zambians that are fighting the same challenges nearby. A simple request for continued compassion and helping one another.  


Everywhere we went, whether it was driving through town, a well dedication, school or health clinic, we saw young children looking after even younger children. Love, care and compassion is something the children of these villages encompass at a young age. They know that in order to survive it means taking care of one another. I think the Zambian children and adults we met are great examples of what loving, caring people do. They do something.  

Zambians are brave, resilient and resourceful, but we can still help. The need is great, but we can do something. It may be prayer, or simply sharing with others about what you have learned or taking better care of and appreciating the clean water you do have. But for those who are able, I encourage you to give. Help end the global water crisis. For as little as $50, a person gains clean water for life. Water is necessary for life, health, and education. I’m thankful for the friends I made this week and I know they need our helpClick here to donate.  


“The friends of our friends are our friends.” -African Proverb